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Lotsapeoples is a quick and easy way to connect with lots of people who want to buy, sell,land contract,owner financing or lease a home, condo, or apartment

 If you're looking to buy or rent you can search the latest listings for homes and apartments in your price range and preferred neighborhood.

There are very few things in life more important than finding the perfect place to live. There are also very few things in life more daunting than finding the perfect place to live. So what do you do?

Well, you're off to a good start! Here at, you can browse Real Estate Agent listings, For Sale By Owner listings, condos and apartment complexes!

We have all sorts of properties including land contract,owner financing,rent-to-own,lease with option to buy or rent.

Once you choose whether you're renting or buying, you simply check off what you're looking for on our convenient search pages.

If you've got poor credit or no credit and are afraid of what the banks might charge you, don't worry about it! Here at, we have sellers willing to negotiate terms without the bank! Whether you want to rent-to-own, lease with an option to buy, or create a land contract, owner financing, you're sure to find someone willing to help you out!
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Recently Listed Properties

Cedar Dunes Unit 46
291 S Terrace
337 Pawnee Trail
257 Steel Hopper Way
8486 Jim Cummings Hwy
2305 Bellevue Ave.
7234 Innisfree Lane
King's Court
7469 Barrister Drive
3233 Summerhill Ln.
6340 River Road
3224 Summerhill Ln.
1078 City Park
126 W Washington St
203 Windcap Drive
8494 Central Drive
405 Florida Avenue
80 Thurman Ave.
293 Scotts Creek Run
1219 Karleigh Ct
Oceanwalk Condominum #4204
6474 Weston Circle West
3077 Woburn Dr
460 41st St
3224 Summerhill Dr.
839 Grouper Ave
418 Temko Terrace
112 Harbor Pointe
255 Minorca Beach Way
6823 Royal Plume Drive
6464 Turtlemound Rd.
4646 Beldon St
1198 Simpson Dr.
588 Athens Ave.
3001 S. Atlantic Ave
7637 Conley Lane
7918 McMinnville Hwy

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